Waterfall Concept Showroom at Xclusive AV
XAV are the UK distributors of Waterfall Speakers and  proud to not only to offer the first Waterfall concept showroom in the UK but also to be the first in the UK to show the flagship Niagara speakers as well as the full Waterfall range, offering the clients the perfect opportunity to experience the visual and audio quality of these unique speakers. New Dealers and Resellers wanted. Interested? Call Graham Dawson – XAV.


Waterfall Audio & Niagara (Flagship Speaker)
Waterfall, France’s leading specialist HI FI speaker manufacturer has been developing innovative audio equipment designs and patented components encased in glass for over ten years. They have now pushed the boundaries of these stunning materials to their natural limits with the new and stunning Niagara speakers.

Years of ground-breaking research and development have resulted in the pinnacle of sound quality and high end audio craftsmanship. The design of Niagara speakers also sits comfortably alongside top French design icons such as Lalique and Cartier, and firmly take their place amongst some of the most ground breaking pieces of style-based technology the world has seen to date.

Named after the great Niagara Falls, Waterfall’s Niagara Speakers are a truly awesome sight. Their stunning enclosure of ¾” thick diamond glass stands an impressive 3’11” tall and weigh in at 60kgs. Different in colour from regular glass, Diamond Glass is a luxurious material treated at high temperatures for maximum clarity and transparency that allows the speaker’s drivers to appear to float in mid air. The four drivers produce over 600watts of peak power. The rear of the integrated speakers and the solid aluminium base are covered in rich hand stitched Nappa leather in any colour of your choice.

The build quality coupled with their ground breaking design saw Waterfall’s Niagara speakers winning a place in the top 10 Best Designed Products of the year – Home Entertainment Magazine USA. Waterfall speakers are now sold in over 30 countries around the world and we are proud to present them to you.

The Waterfall showroom is situated at 2 Mount pleasant Road, Hastings,  East Sussex TN34 3SB. If you would like more information or demonstration on the Waterfall range of speakers then please call XAV on 01424 431144 or E-Mail info@xclusiveav.com